EDAA Summit 2022

From choices to voices:
Transparency in action

EDAA 2022


In this year’s event, thought-leaders, regulators, consumer experts and industry innovators will come together for many invigorating discussions on the past, present and future of self-regulation in the digital advertising ecosystem. The forthcoming developments in policy and in the regulatory environment for data-driven advertising will be analysed alongside consumer views, industry innovation and programme developments. Our speakers will disclose what measures can be put in place to promote a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem, leveraging EDAA's core pillars of transparency, choice and control, and its educational programme. Please find the agenda below and stay tuned for the speaker lineup that will be announced soon. All times are UTC. 

*Programme is subject to change

08:30-09:30 | Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:30-09.40 | Welcome Address


Angela Mills Wade, Owner of Europe Analytica and Executive Director of the European Publishers Council

09:40-09:55 | Keynote - Enforcement priorities in ad tech

Keynote speaker:

Stephen Bonner, Deputy Commissioner Executive Director (Regulatory Futures and Innovation) - ICO


Stephen Bonner discusses the current digital advertising ecosystem, giving an overview of the enforcement priorities for AdTech of the Information Commissioner’s Office, and its expectations from the players active in the industry. Mr. Bonner will give some recommendations for success in order to avoid being caught on the wrong side of a potential breach.

09:55-10:25 | Discussion - AdChoices gears up for DSA


Eleonor Duhs, Partner & Head of Data Privacy - Bates Wells


Ionel Naftanaila, Director of Programme Development - EDAA

Nikolas Moschakis, Senior Policy Adviser - EPC

Christoph Bauer, CEO & Founder - ePrivacy


Get an insight as to how the EDAA is preparing to enhance one of its main self-regulatory assets – the “AdChoices Icon” – to provide companies with a simple, clear, and meaningful way to address the extensive transparency provisions being enshrined into EU law. The organisation that brought the well-recognised “AdChoices Icon” to the European market, details what a decade of acute understanding can unlock in terms of broad multi-stakeholder value, in a ‘win-win-win’ balancing act between regulators, consumers and industry.

10:25-10:40 | Keynote - DSA: Transparency in Online Ads

Keynote Speaker:

Henna Virkkunen, Member of the European Parliament


MEP Virkkunen offers her view on the adopted DSA, detailing the outcome of the EU decision making process and the provisions that survived for online advertising transparency. MEP Virkkunen offers participants an insight into regulators’ expectations for the implementation phase and elaborates on the role that self-regulatory standards can play to complement digital policy legislation in relation to the DSA and GDPR.

10:40-11.00 | Networking Break
11:00-11:30 | Presentation - Consumer Conversations: Your Online Voices


Lidia Velkova Managing Director, Advisory Services, and Deputy Chief Executive - Clever Together

Bridget Heath, Chief Communications Officer, and Project Leader - Clever Together


In 2022, EDAA launched the largest online consumer conversation of its kind: “Your Online Voices”. People were encouraged to share their beliefs, expectations and hopes around data-driven advertising. EDAA was thrilled to provide consumers with a direct voice into the critical conversations around the future of the online advertising experience. In this keynote, the coordinating agency – CleverTogether – who independently ran and analysed the study, will reveal key findings and insights that can now be used to directly influence the way digital advertising is self-regulated and where the responsibility bar is set. 

11:30-12:00 | Panel - Re-engaging with consumer trust


Gabrielle Robitaille, Senior Digital Policy Manager - WFA


Robin De Wouters, Communication and Commercial Director - FEDMA

Alexis Bley, Public Affairs Manager - EACA

Lidia Velkova Managing Director, Advisory Services, and Deputy Chief Executive - Clever Together


The EDAA has given consumers a direct voice into the debate, with inductive research techniques and a broad, open platform to share their views. The result – a wealth of genuine consumer insight. But how can we transfer insight to action? How can these learnings help shape the future of a digital advertising system that is fair, sustainable, and supports those that it ultimately claims to serve – consumers? Join our panelists as they explore this crucial part of the equation.

12:00-13:00 | Networking Lunch
13:00-13:20 | Keynote - Living Together in a World Transformed by Tech

Keynote speaker:

Jamie Susskind, Author and Barrister

13:20-14:00 | Panel - Brands, Digital and the New Era of Data Ethics


Peter Kosmala, Founder and Principal - PRIVĀT, LLC


Saiful Ahmed, Director, Ad Technology, Global Investment Digital Operations - Omnicom Media Group

Jamie Barnard, CEO - Compliant

William Harmer, Global Product Owner: Digital Marketing – Vodafone UK


Brand marketing has assumed a broader posture as we emerge from the height of the pandemic: sustainability, social responsibility, and data ethics are now more critical components in the relationships brands build with their consumers and their communities as well as with their  employees and stakeholders. What do brands now expect from their advertising partners? How should practices adapt as digital business, technology and policy further evolve? Which online touch-points will best fortify brand reputation? In this panel discussion, we reveal an emerging era where privacy, safety and responsibility merge in an advertising experience that is built upon strong data ethics principles.

14:00-14:40 | Panel - Self-Regulatory Developments Across the Globe


Conor Murray, Director of Regulatory and Public Affairs - egta


Julie Ford, Executive Director - DAAC

Mary Teahan, Head - APDA

Chet Dalzell, Vice President, Communications & Engagement - DAA

Leigh Freund, President & CEO - NAI


Hear from international experts across the US, Canada, and Argentina on privacy developments worldwide and their impact on self-regulatory standards and codes. This session aims to provide a better understanding of the core values and benefits of effective self-regulation amidst different regulatory regimes, and the key global developments taking shape for the benefit of companies operating across the industry and across borders. Get a succinct and clear understanding of everything you need to know to ensure your business stands in compliance with the latest rules and best practice.

14:40-14:55 | Keynote - Making sense of UK and EU digital and data policies

Keynote speaker: 

Konrad Shek, Director of Policy Research - Advertising Association


Following Brexit, it appears that the UK and the EU are set on taking different approaches to digital and data. Recognising the growth opportunities that the digital economy can bring, both sides are vying for global leadership in this field. However, they face the same challenges and risks, such as data privacy, illegal content online, content moderation, online fraud and competition in digital markets which require greater collaboration and cooperation. How should we make sense of this, and will there be a "winner"?

14:55-15:25 | Panel - EDAA Turns 10: A decade past and a new era ahead


Angela Mills Wade, Owner of Europe Analytica and Executive Director of the European Publishers Council


Guy Parker, Chief Executive - ASA

Mathilde Fiquet, Account Director & Head of Office - Europe Analytica

Nicolas Rieul, VP Western Europe, Key Accounts EMEA, MD France & Head of Industry Relations Europe - Criteo

Robert Madelin, Senior Strategist - FIPRA International


This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the EDAA. A decade of experience in delivering actionable, effective, and credible industry standards for data privacy in digital advertising. During this time, the debate about transparency, choice and control at the intersect of data privacy and digital advertising has raged. For EDAA, effective and credible self-regulation is not about industry policing itself, it is not about finding the lowest common denominator for the industry to abide by, and it is certainly not about staving off regulation. EDAA’s brand of self-regulation is one that builds on credible, proven, trustworthy compliance and enforcement, and is one that empowers the consumer with meaningful options, looking ahead to ensure relevance when faced with incredible degrees of market innovation. In this panel, we look back to the origins and see how – under the EDAA – with collective ambitions, various actors have come together to foster a more responsible, fair, open, inclusive, and sustainable ecosystem for all. We also peer into the crystal ball at how a principled approach can continue to deliver value for all stakeholders in a new era.

15:25-15:30 | Closing Remarks


Angela Mills Wade, Owner of Europe Analytica and Executive Director of the European Publishers Council

15:30-17.30 | Drinks reception - 10th Anniversary Celebratory Cocktails


Photo of Stephen Bonner
Stephen Bonner
Deputy Commissioner Executive Director (Regulatory Futures and Innovation)
Photo of Gabrielle Robitaille
Gabrielle Robitaille
Senior Digital Policy Manager
World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)
Photo of Julie Ford
Julie Ford
Executive Director
Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC)
Photo of Guy Parker
Guy Parker
Chief Executive
Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
Photo of Jamie Susskind
Jamie Susskind
Author and Barrister
Photo of Lidia Velkova
Lidia Velkova
Managing Director, Advisory Services, and Deputy Chief Executive
Clever Together
Photo of Bridget Heath
Bridget Heath
Chief Communications Officer, and Project Leader
Clever Together
Photo of Alexis Bley
Alexis Bley
Public Affairs Manager
European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA)
Photo of Mary Teahan
Mary Teahan
Alianza de Publicidad Digital de Argentina (APDA)
Photo of Christoph Bauer
Christoph Bauer
CEO & Founder
Photo of Saiful Ahmed
Saiful Ahmed
Director, Ad Technology – Global Investment Digital Operations
Omnicom Media Group (OMG)
Photo of Leigh Freund
Leigh Freund
President & CEO
National Advertising Initiative (NAI)
Photo of Peter Kosmala
Peter Kosmala
Founder and Principal
Photo of Ionel Naftanaila
Ionel Naftanaila
Director of Programme Development
Photo of Nikolas Moschakis
Nikolas Moschakis
Senior Policy Adviser
European Publishers Council (EPC)
Photo of Robin De Wouters
Robin De Wouters
Communication and Commercial Director
Federation of European Data & Marketing (FEDMA)
Photo of Robert Madelin
Robert Madelin
Senior Strategist
FIPRA International
Photo of Angela Mills Wade
Angela Mills Wade
Executive Director
European Publishers Council (EPC)
Photo of Conor Murray
Conor Murray
Director of Regulatory and Public Affairs
Photo of Eleonor Duhs
Eleonor Duhs
Partner & Head of Data Privacy
Bates Wells LLP
Photo of Mathilde Fiquet
Mathilde Fiquet
Special Advisor
European Publishers Council (EPC)
Photo of Henna Virkkunen
Henna Virkkunen
Member of the European Parliament
Photo of Jamie Barnard
Jamie Barnard
Photo of Konrad Shek
Konrad Shek
Director for Policy Research
Advertising Association
Photo of Nicolas Rieul
Nicolas Rieul
Managing Director Western Europe & Head of Industry Relations Europe
Photo of Chet Dalzell
Chet Dalzell
Vice President, Communications & Engagement
Photo of William Harmer
William Harmer
Global Product Owner: Digital Marketing
Vodafone UK